The Keys To Success

Before you are allowed to learn to drive in the UK, you have a few simple steps to go through -

* Make sure you comply with our health and eyesight requirements.

* You need to have obtained a provisional driving licence (category B for cars).

* You will need to be accompanied by a supervising driver who has a full licence for the same class of vehicle, has held it for at least 3 years, and is over 21.

* Your vehicle must be covered by suitable insurance, and must display regulation L-plates on the back and front. A driving school car will usually have a custom-made sign or permanent stick-on ones; but your own car is also ok if you put L-plates on it - not in the windows, though, as this can obstruct your view.

Our driving school cars are, naturally, going to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment to learn in; and we will check your licence and vision before you start.