The Keys To Success
Everyone has to make sure their vehicle - car, van, motorbike, truck or trailer - is ok. But this doesn't always happen as often as it should! With this in mind, for years now most classes have had to have an MOT test every year, once they have reached a specified age - but this doesn't mean everything's always ok at other times.

So when you go for a driving test, you're now asked a couple of simple things which might just show your Examiner you know some bits of maintenance. These are known as the "show me / tell me" questions; and to make it easier for you to deal with them here are some pointers and photos.

First you'll need to find the main release lever, which can be hidden under the parcel shelf or against a door pillar.

Then there's a second or safety catch to release, and you'll need to be able to prop the bonnet open yourself if it's not supported by gas struts.

Each fluid level can then be checked visually against a marked point on the side of its container, which has an internationally-recognised symbol on it for easy identification.

We will show you these points, and go through all of the other checks (lights, tyres, brakes, and so on) before you go for a driving test.